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Delivering seamless, damage-free relocation
and migration of the critical systems that your company relies on.

Moving is always a traumatic experience. The best you can hope for is to minimize the disruption of business. Unfortunately no organization is staffed for such an event. Very few have done it often enough to understand the nuances. We are experts... let us handle it!

Allied Systems Technologies can help reduce the headaches and anxiety involved with relocating your business telecommunication and technology systems whether it be within your building, across town or across the state.

Leave it to the Professionals

Whether you're opening a new office, relocating an existing one, or managing the day-to-day moves in your current office, the relocation process is a major undertaking. There are hundreds of little details that need to be considered and deadlines that have to be met on time to make sure that disruption to your business is minimal.

Allied Systems Technologies can provide you with the right resources and expertise make relocating your Telecommunications and Technology systems painless.

Keeping your Business Online
The biggest fear when relocating is having something go wrong and having your operations come to a halt. After all, your telephones and computers are essential to your business in today’s world.

Allied Systems Technologies can alleviate the headaches and anxiety involved with relocating your business whether it be within your building, across town or across the State. We’ll take care of the breakdown and setup, as well as the configuration of your voice and data networks. We also provide all necessary structured cabling and electrical services to make sure that your systems can power up and the lights are on. Skilled electricians and/or technicians are always onsite to troubleshoot and eliminate potential problems before your staff unlocks the door Monday morning.

Single Source Responsibility
One of the most difficult challenges for companies that need to relocate all or part of their office is coordinating the companies who are providing the services. We can remove this challenge by assuming responsibility for all electrical, telecommunications and technology relocation efforts. One project Manager with one Team that has a unified goal. That is were we can really make a difference.

Time to Upgrade?
Moving to a new facility or relocating within the office is an excellent time to incorporate new technology. During the planning stage, Allied Systems Technologies will help you evaluate your current application and systems, and decide whether to upgrade, duplicate or refresh them at your new office.

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