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>> Phone Features - What should you look for?

Having a phone system that can grow with your business is an extremely important concept to your decision making process. When considering a new phone system, the methods, sizing and, more importantly, the cost of upgrading & expanding your phone system is crucial. Will this system meet your current needs AND your future needs.

Integration of Additional Features, such as voicemail
Integration of current or future additions is an important concept. If you want voicemail in the future or now, it would be a wise choice to narrow your choices to systems that have easily integrated voice mail systems. Not only easily integrated, but a voicemail system that is specifically designed to work with the system of your choice. Other additional features that you may want are things like Caller ID, addition of lines and phones, ACD, Auto Attendant, CCR Trees.

Preowned or Brand New
A lot of money can be saved by buying a system that was preowned. A lot of money can be wasted if you purchase the wrong preowned system. Our recommendation on preowned systems is to purchase the system itself preowned (certain systems hold up very well in the not breaking department!!) but purchase new phones to go with it. We also recommend that you buy a used system that comes with a warranty and that you are fully informed on what it is that you are purchasing as well as adhering to everything else mentioned in this series. Without a doubt, don't knock a used phone system, they can carry on their duty on your phone room wall just as well as the last owners phone room wall!

Older system vs. Newer System
When considering a used phone system for cost efficiency, many people discuss the concept of purchasing a new used phone system or an older used phone system. Older systems can undoubtedly be made to fit any budget, and do a fine job while installed at your office or home. The problems that most run into with an older system is the lack of additional items like voicemail, Caller ID, advanced features and sometimes, breakage. We would recommend that you put your money into a somewhat modern system to start with that still has some useful life and parts & upgrades available to you.

Ease of Maintenance
Ease of maintenance is an extremely important consideration. There will be changes and upgrades to your phone system that will be out your own technical expertise, and at that time, you will need a technician to come in and make those changes for you. Be sure that you purchase a system that is well known by technicians all over your area. This way, you are not locked in with only one or two techs that know this too and can price gouge you based on your lack of alternatives.

Integration with your current office wiring and installation
Buying a phone system that will work on your current office wiring can be a huge budget saver. A lot of modern system will work with any existing wiring....and some won't. The ones that won't, require all kinds of new wiring and cable pulls, all at your expense.....and expensive it is! Along those lines, it's also important that you select a system that is easy to install, setup and be trained on. Well known systems are usually less expensive to install as there are a lot more tech's that know how to put it in, making the competition stiff, driving prices down.

Price does not equal quality
Please keep in mind, that price does not equal quality in this industry. There are very cost efficient, very feature rich phones systems that will not break the bank but still offer you years of great service, expandability and tons of features. There are systems out that cost double and triple, but offer you nothing more than headaches, break downs, mind bending tech bills that are usually ditched for a simpler, efficient system.

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